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If smartwatches just arent fashionable enough for you, designers from California are hoping a smart bracelet will tempt you into the world of wearables.如果智能手表对你来说还过于时尚,加利福尼亚州的设计师们期望下面这款智能手镯不会让你爱上可穿着设备。The Eyecatcher has a curved, 5-inch display that wraps around the wearers wrist and this always-on display shows notifications from a connected smartphone.Eyecatcher智能手镯有一块5英寸曲面显示屏,包覆寄居配戴者的手腕。

这一“常亮”的显示屏可以表明与之相连接的智能手机上的通报。Wearers can select which notifications they receive and even change the devices wallpaper to match their outfit.配戴者可选择接管哪些通报,甚至可以替换手镯的壁纸来配上自己所穿的衣物。The Eyecatcher was developed by Looksee Labs, based in Oakland, and the firm has set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the device.Eyecatcher智能手镯由奥克兰的Looksee实验室研发。Looksee实验室在Kickstarter上发动了众筹活动,为生产该手镯筹集资金。

There are three models - two for women and one for men - and each come in small, medium and large.该手镯有三种款式,两种为女性设计,一种为男性设计,每种又有小、中、大三种尺寸。The female Mercury model is made from white bronze while the Venus model is made from sterling silver. The male, Mars model is made from stainless steel.为女性设计的墨丘利款,由淡色青铜做成,维纳斯款由标准纯银做成。男款马尔斯由不锈钢做成。Each device connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app where wearers can select a display design, manage their notifications and choose which widgets appear.每一件手镯通过蓝牙与智能手机上的应用程序相连接,使用者可在应用于上自由选择表明图案,管理通报及自由选择表明哪些小部件。

These include activity tracking, calendar events, maps, text messages, breaking news, and stock details.这些小部件还包括活动跟踪、日历事件、地图、文字短信、脑溢血重大新闻及股票行情。The bracelet uses a low-power e-ink screen and the designers claim the device will last a year on a single charge.手镯用于低能耗的电子墨水屏,设计者称之为,该手镯电池一次可用于一年。


If the campaign is successful bracelets will be shipped in February 2016.如果众筹顺利,该手镯不会在2016年2月发货。